When making the decision to purchase a home, it is critical to plan ahead and understand whether the property will meet your changing lifestyle down the line. 

Adrienne Hersch, CEO at Adrienne Hersch Properties, says before signing on the dotted line, potential buyers need to not only determine their current needs, but the features they may require in the next 5 - 10 years. 

"It's important to take a long-term view of your property journey."

She says important factors to consider include the number of bedrooms and bathroom, work-from-home, potential for renovation, the need for a garden or outdoor area, and accessibility to schools and major transport routes.

"You also need to determine whether lifestyle is more important than the best return on your investment. Either you can own a smaller, better situated property or a bigger property potentially offering a lower return."

Adrienne says while everyone will have their own unique needs according to their life circumstances, key questions buyers should ask when looking for a home include:

1. Will I need a home that can accommodate different life stages?

2. Do I plan to start a family, and if so, is this property feasible for the longer-term? 

3. Do I have older children who will be leaving the nest soon?

4. Is an older relative likely to move in with me in the next few years?

5. Do I plan to work from home?

6. Do I want pets? 

7. Am I close to retirement and need to downsize rather than upsize?

Adrienne says the biggest barrier to purchasing a home that fits your needs and future plans is of course price, meaning buyers may need to compromise on certain aspects in the interim. 

"Map out the must-haves of versus the nice-to-haves, and assess whether they're something you can achieve in the property you're considering."

Author: Adrienne Hersch News

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