Rental property procurement & management solution Adrienne Hersch Properties

Rental Services

Adrienne Hersch Properties' specialised letting and property management services
are designed to make the rental process stress-free from start to finish.

Procurement Rental Solution

This basic procurement service is suited to Landlords who are knowledgeable in the legal framework of the residential rental market and who are able to devote adequate time to rent collection themselves.

With this service, the Tenant pays all subsequent monthly rentals to the Landlord and all further dealings are conducted directly
between the Landlord and Tenant.

Rental Assessment

Rental assessment and advice on enhancements necessary to maximize rental potential.


Through effective advertising and marketing across a range of media channels, ensuring prompt leasing to well-matched tenants.

Tenant Screening

Interviewing prospective tenants, obtaining detailed particulars, assessing affordability credit worthiness and prior rental payment behavior in order to mitigate the risk of default.

First Months Rent & Security Deposit

Collection of first months rent and security deposit. Deposits are invested in a trusted accound in line with the Rental Housing Act and accrue interest for the benefit of the tenant. Our deposit trust account is audited by an independant auditor on an annual basis including frequent checks by EAAB.


Conduction pre- and post-occupation inspections, itemizing damages and provide quote for the restoration of the property if necessary. A tablet based maintainance application which records photos of the important fixtures and finishes within a defined template is used to produce documented inspection report as a legal record.

Signing of lease agreement

Preparation and signature of lease compliant with the Rental Housing Act and supplying copies of the signed lease to Landlord and Tenant.

Renewal and Return of deposit

Coordinating potential renewals and / or Facilitating the return of the Tenant's deposit less necessary deductions.

Management Rental Solution

Landlords who are not proficient in the collection of rentals and the legal aspects governing the Landlord / Tenant relationship
should make use of this comprehensive service.


Our maintenance inspectors and administrators manage the maintenance needs of residential rental properties by arranging any plumbing, electrical, painting, cleaning or other related repairs within the parameters of the Rental Solution signed with the property owner. Rental property owners are consulted throughout the maintenance process for instructions and to provide feedback.

Payment of expenses

Payment of expenses such as municipal utilities, bond instalments, rates and levies incurred in the administration of the premises.

Rent Collection

Net rental income is electronically transferred to a landlord's nominated bank account(s) as soon as practically possible following the collection of rental and payment of approved expenses.

Owner Reporting and Financial Management

Tenant rental statements are circulated (preferably by email, otherwise delivered) a week in advance of the 1st of each month to prompt time-efficient rental payments.

Debt Collection

Through our strategic alliance, Kruger Attorneys & Conveyancers Inc, we oversee all rental arrears to collect delayed rental payments as soon as possible. Owners are kept informed throughout a debt collection process.

Continued Rental Assessment

Continious property rental assessment and revision of property rentals according to market conditions.

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