8 things to look for in a rental property

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Finding the right home to rent can be challenging and time consuming. There are critical factors to consider before signing on the dotted line. We put together 8 essential things to consider before renting a property.

  1. Location

The number one golden rule when renting or buying a property is location. Different tenants will have different lifestyle priorities when it comes to location. You need to consider the property's proximity to key amenities, your workplace, schools, places of worship and major transport routes.

  1. Security

As South Africans, we are particularly security conscious. You need to decide what your non-negotiables are in terms of security and assess whether the property aligns with your expectations. Important things to consider include electric fencing, burglar bars or security shutters, alarm, and access control if the property is sectional-title.

  1. Parking

A property's parking space/s is often an overlooked factor when renting a property. It is important to understand if the property comes with any designated parking bays as well as how much visitor's parking is available.

  1. Pet Friendly

Finding a pet friendly property can be extremely difficult and even if a property is advertised as being pet friendly, its essential to find out what type and size pets are permitted. You also need to find out if one or more pet is allowed. Do your homework and find out if there are other dogs or cats in the complex, as well as how neighbours respond to them.

  1. Decorating

Before you change the colour of the walls and hang your favourite artwork, you need to understand what is and isn't allowed in terms of decorating upfront. Some landlords don't even want nail holes in their walls, while others won't have a problem as long as the property is returned back to normal upon conclusion of the lease.

  1. Utilities

Find out everything you can about the utilities. Many properties include some or all of the utilities in the rent amount. Find out if water and electricity is included or if this is an additional amount on top of the monthly rental. This can have a significant impact on your budget.

  1. Amenities

Whether you're a busy executive or a young family renting in a sectional-title development, it is important to understand if the complex has any communal amenities such as a swimming pool, laundry, clubhouse, garden and braai facilities as well as a children's play area. These features will have a significant influence on your and your family's lifestyle.

  1. Internet

In an age of connectedness, it is important to understand whether a property is fiber ready, whether you can have fiber installed as a tenant, or whether wi-fi is included in the cost of the rent.

Author: Adrienne Hersch Media Team

Submitted 06 Mar 19 / Views 264