8 things buyers often overlook when buying a home

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Buying a home is an extremely exciting milestone but with so many factors to consider, the process can also be very overwhelming making it easy to overlook or forget things which could cost buyers significantly down the line. We put together a list of 8 key things to check before putting in that offer.

1. Mobile phone coverage

This can be such a frustrating problem and is often a dealbreaker for buyers who require cellphone signal for work calls etc. When viewing a home, make a phone call or try send a Whatsapp or email to check the quality of the signal.

2. Future Developments

When considering purchasing a property, it is critical you inquire whether there are any future developments planned on neighbouring properties. While new developments can raise the value of surrounding homes down the line, the noise, mess and dust associated with building can be extremely frustrating for neighbours.

3. Plumbing

If you're interested in putting in an offer for a property, bring in an expert to assess the plumbing. This could save you thousands in the long run. Be sure to keep an eye out for mould, mildew or water stains. Also run all taps and flush toilets to check the water pressure.

4. Storage space

Storage space is such a necessary consideration when purchasing a home but so many buyers get distracted with other more pressing issues, that this is often overlooked. Keep an eye out for storage space especially in newer build homes where space is often an issue.

5. Which way does the house face?

When looking at homes, it is important to consider which way the house faces. In the Southern hemisphere, a North-facing home brings in all the light and heat, meaning your home will get direct sunlight throughout the day even in winter. South-facing homes won't get much sunlight at all and will most probably be dark and cold.

6. Water damage

A musty odour can indicate water damage. Check walls and ceilings for water lines which indicate flooding from a leak or a burst pipe which may have caused internal damage. Be on the lookout for rust, water stains, or leaking.

7. Noise Levels

Spend time in each room, especially bedrooms assessing noise levels from surrounding neighbours, nearby schools or from the street. If you purchase a property on or near a busy road make sure the bedrooms are situated away from the noise.

8. Can the property be extended?

If this is a property you plan to grow into with your family, make sure you are able to do extensions, especially if you are buying in a sectional-title complex.

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