7 tips to attract more buyers to your home

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We put together 7 essential tips to maximize your home's sale potential and help attract more potential buyers.

  1. Price Your Home Competitively

One of the biggest mistakes a seller can make is overpricing their property. Do your homework, find out the current values of other similar properties in your area and bring in a professional real estate agent to provide you with an educated valuation.

  1. Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal

They say first impressions are lasting! Some buyers won't even take a look inside if they don't like the way a house looks from the street. Take an unbiased, objective look at your home and ask yourself:

  • How does the driveway look?
  • Has your garden been maintained?
  • What does the front exterior of your home look like?

  1. Make the necessary repairs

Improve the appeal of your home to a potential buyer by repairing anything that might be broken. Fix peeling paint, cracks in plaster, broken tiles or glass and dripping taps, and replace mouldy grout or sealant in the bathroom.

  1. Home Improvements

When putting your house on show, it is important to highlight your home's best features to ensure that the best aspects of the property stand out. Consider doing cost-effective cosmetic improvements to your home. This can also help significantly raise your asking price.

  1. Check the temperature

There is nothing worse than a house that is too hot in summer and too cold in winter. Temperature inside your home is vital when putting your home on show. Make sure your heater is turned on in colder weather and your fan or air-conditioning keeps your home cool in warmer weather.

  1. Clear clutter

A cluttered home is very off-putting for buyers. Selling your home is therefore a good time to do a much-needed spring clean. Donate any unwanted items to charity and pack all sentimental items away in the garage or storeroom.

  1. Hire the Right Real Estate Agent

Most importantly, hire a real estate agent who will market your property effectively to a targeted audience of potential buyers. Speak to your friends, colleagues and family for referrals and find out from neighbours who the recommended area expert is.

Author: Adrienne Hersch Media Team

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