7 must-do tips for landlords

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For first-time landlords, and even experienced property investors, finding a tenant can be a stressful prospect. Properly preparing your home or investment property for prospective tenants can significantly influence the amount of rent you can charge as well as the kind of tenant you will attract.
1. Ensure your property is spick & span
Get a professional cleaning service in to give the property a good, thorough cleaning, especially if there was a tenant living there previously. Make sure you clean all curtains, carpets, blinds and windows. The outside of a property is just as important as the inside. If there is a garden, make sure the plants are trimmed, the grass is cut and any garden debris is picked up and discarded.  A clean and well-maintained property is more likely to attract tenants who will look after your property. 
2. Fix it up
Consider what you would look for in a prospective home and use that as a benchmark when you’re preparing your property for renters. Do a close inspection of the property and fix anything that’s broken or damaged, whether major or minor. Keep an eye out for chipped or peeling paint, faulty appliances, broken tiles and windows and dripping taps. 
3. Security 
A major consideration for renters in South Africa is whether the property comes with good security. Regardless of whether the property is situated in a secure estate, building or complex, get a security company in to make recommendations on how you can further boost your property’s security via either an alarm system, CCTV cameras, burglar bars or security gates. 
4. Add value
New paint, flooring and light fittings are highly effective ways to update and add value to your property. If your kitchen or bathrooms are outdated or in bad condition, consider renovating. Updated, fresh kitchens and bathrooms will have a significant impact on the amount of rent you can charge. 
5. Use a Property Manager
Renting a property requires a lot of work and a high level of commitment. Many property owners simply don’t have the time required to oversee all the elements involved in managing a single property or multiple properties. Adrienne Hersch Properties’ dedicated Property Management services are designed to make the rental process stress-free from start to finish. 
We have a large portfolio of properties under management across Gauteng and Tshwane and specialise in the end-to-end management of all types of residential properties. No portfolio is too small or too large.
6. Hire a professional
Hire a professional contractor to check that all electricity, air conditioners and plumbing are working properly.
7. Change the locks
Before a new tenant moves in, you should always change the locks on the doors. This is done for the safety of the tenant and to protect you from liability.

Author: Adrienne Hersch Media Team

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