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Must-have home features in the COVID-19 era

The Coronavirus pandemic and resultant lockdown has created a marked shift in home buyer priorities with certain features anticipated to experience significant demand in the COVID-19 era. We round up 8 of the home features we predict will be in highest demand. 

1. Home offices

Once a 'nice-to-have', the home office has become an essential as millions are forced to work from home. The work-from-home trend is anticipated to remain long after the COVID-19 crisis has abated. 

2. Outdoor space

While outdoor spaces have always been a popular feature for buyers, social distancing has made it a top priority for many buyers. Whether it's a balcony, patio, backyard or garden, an increasing number of buyers are expected to add their own slice of the outdoors to their list of top priorities. 

3. Touch-free features

With people becoming far more hygiene focused than ever before touch-free features including sensor activated taps, lights and toilet flushing systems are expected to become the new norm in homes.

4. Putting up walls

For those living in an open-plan space, social distancing and lockdown has proven difficult for parents to work and children to do school work in one open space. While we anticipate the open-floor plan to remain as popular as always, we anticipate buyers to seek homes which offer a greater element of privacy.

5.  Playroom for children

While a designated homework area, play area or space to store children's toys and books have been high on the agenda for a number of years, this trend is only expected to grow as people realize the importance of everyone and everything having their own allocated space. 

6. Let there be light

South Africans don't only have COVID to contend with, but load shedding as well,  which always seems to be implemented at the most inconvenient times. We therefore anticipate homes or apartments with loads of natural light to be high on priority lists as people seek to maximise their natural light, especially as they try work from home during the day. 

7. Space to cook & store

While kitchens have long been regarded as the heart of the home, lockdown and social distancing brought their importance into sharp new focus, especially with people cooking more than ever before. We also anticipate a pantry and storage space to be a key priority as we attempt to limit our trips to the shop and store larger quantities of food. 

8. Energy efficiency

People who normally spend their days at home might be surprised to see a substantial rise in their utility bills since lockdown was implemented in March, especially as temperatures across South Africa plummet. We anticipate more South African buyers to seek energy efficient electricity solutions as well as water saving and storage solutions including metered water and rainwater collection tanks.

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