Lockdown presents the perfect opportunity for DIY projects or simple home improvements that you've been too busy to think about. Whether it's painting your bedroom walls, decluttering or gardening, we put together a guide of simple DIY exercises that will help add value to your property and get it sale ready.

1. Decluttering

Lockdown provides the ideal opportunity to declutter your home and get organized. Take advantage of your unexpected time at home to sort through cupboards, drawers and bookshelves that you have not had time to tidy.

2. Show your outside space some love

Whether you live in a home with a courtyard, small garden, balcony or driveway, examine your outdoor areas and assess what you can do to improve them. Get weeding, clean tiles, sweep away any dirt or leaves, paint your walls or fences, and plant flower and vegetable seeds in preparation for winter.

3. Reorganize your garage

How many times have you promised yourself you would work on getting your garage tidy and into better shape? Now is the time to do it! Clear out items you no longer need and put up shelves so that the space stays neat and organized.

4. Paint your walls

If you have some spare paint lying around, touch up areas of your home that are chipping and peeling. There's nothing like a fresh coat of paint to breathe new life into a room.

5. Repair

Take the time to walk through your property and inspect what needs to be repaired, from repairing the hinges on cupboard doors to oiling a squeaky door hinge, this is the perfect opportunity to make some much needed repairs to areas of tour home you simply have not had the time to address.


6. Repurpose a spare room

Give an underused spare room or bedroom a definite purpose whether as a home office, mancave or teenage playroom. Being forced to work from home is an ideal time to create a peaceful home office from which you can work during lockdown.

7. Update the front of your home

First impressions count, and your property is unlikely to be attractive to potential buyers if the first thing they see is a tired front path, or a front door that hasn't been painted for decades. Consider renovating or at least repainting the porch, the front door, and the windows, or giving the brickwork a good clean.

8. Find inspiration

This is the perfect time to search decoration inspiration on Pinterest, design-oriented magazines, books, TV shows and websites. Simply tear out or print off the ideas you want to try and start your to-do list.

Author: Industry News

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