Thinking of selling your home? Adrienne Hersch Properties has compiled a useful checklist to not only help you make a good first impression with potential buyers, but maximise the sale price of your home and potentially help you sell it faster. 


- Consider refreshing your home by repainting it. If you don't want to repaint it entirely, repaint areas where paint is peeling or damaged.

- Garden: Tidy and weed garden beds. Consider planting flowering plants. Mow the lawn. Sweep away leaves and remove dead plants. 

- Ensure the outside gate is working as well as outside lights. 

- If the paving in your driveway is uneven, consider repaving or repairing damaged areas.

- Roof: Does your roof look like it is in good condition? If it is not, consider repainting, repairing and resealing it. Check for potential leaks. 

- Make sure your front door looks presentable. Consider repainting or cleaning. 


- Nobody likes clutter. Do a complete spring clean.

- Clean your home from top to bottom. Consider bringing in professional cleaners for carpeted areas. If your carpets are stained and damaged, consider replacing them.  

- Assess if your home could do with a fresh coat of paint. It could literally change and refresh the entire appearance of your home. If your home is painted in bright colours, consider painting it in more neutral colours. 

- Clean and dust all windows.

- Check all light fittings and fixtures are working. 

- Identify and fix anything that needs repairs from door handles, to cracked tiles, to light switches.

- If your home is tiled, make sure you thoroughly clean the grouting. If any tiles are cracked, you might want to consider retiling the floors. 

- If your kitchen is in need of a refresh, consider repainting tired cupboard doors and tiles. Do the same with your bathroom for a quick and cost effective refresh.

- Bring in an assessor to make sure there are no structural issues or damp that could be a dealbreaker for a potential buyer. 

Additional Considerations:

- You want the potential buyer to envision living in your space which is why we recommend removing all personal photographs.

- If you have a swimming pool, make sure it is cleaned and sparkling.

- Work-from-home has become a key demand in the COVID-19 era. So if you have an area which can be converted into a work-from-home, consider doing so.

- Open the windows to let light and fresh air in.

- Clean all glass and mirrored surfaces.

- Keep sanitizer at the entrance of your home.

If you're considering putting your home on the market, speak to one of Adrienne Hersch Properties' experienced area specialists for a free market-related appraisal on your home. Email or Call 0117287013. 

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