Snowy Mattera


Snowy started her professional career working for a leading bank in SA for 15 years. In 1997 her family moved to Singapore for a 4-year work opportunity. During her stay in Singapore she studied a Diploma in Tourism. On her return home, she became a professional Tourist Guide & Tour Operator. The memory of searching for and buying her first home 20 years ago remains vivid and the experience of searching for a home in a foreign country moved her in many ways. Through tourism, she discovered a passion for hosting and assisting expatriates to settle in a new country. She started her first course in Real Estate in 2013 inspired by the very diplomats & expatriates she assisted and joined Adrienne Hersch Properties in December 2015. She understands the stress and emotions attached to a big move and dedicates her diverse life and work experience to making your Real Estate experience as seamless as possible.

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