Adrienne Hersch (CEO)
Cell: 082 375 5015 | Tel: (011) 728 7013 | Email:
After beginning my career in hotel management and personnel management, I soon realised that I had a passion for property. I signed up with a well-respected estate agency and became one of the realtor's top agents.

In 1991, I started up Adrienne Hersch Properties, which literally was a one-man show from my home. Today I head up a thriving business with more than 60 agents across Northern Johannesburg and Eastern Pretoria, operating from our Head Office in Houghton.

I have had to learn the hard way, with no one to teach me. I call it the 'university of life', where you learn something new each and every day. This is a dynamic and exciting profession, with no constants and significant highs and lows."

I built my business on a foundation of Aspiration, Motivation, Inspiration and Determination and these qualities are what I look for in all our agents. Part of our success is that I am still very involved with the selling and marketing of key properties and I train my agents personally, believing in 100% hands-on basis during their sales negotiations"

"The company has a definitive hallmark which people who know us describe as savvy, street smart, passionate and single-minded. It is this combination of experience, hard work and expertise that has seen the company evolve from start-up to a success story because we are serious about making realty a service-driven industry."

"As a marketing and sales-driven organisation, we understand that it is only through building relationships and delivering on people’s dreams that we can continue being successful. We know the truism in Gary Player's adage: 'The harder you work, the luckier you get."
Alfred Tsebe (Sales Agent)
Cell: 073 169 1664 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
Quality is never an accident: it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution as it represents the wise choice of many alternatives. Having started a property brokenage at the dawn of democracy but never continued with it, I chose Adrienne Hersch Properties to reignite my passion for property and to pursue offering world class service to our sellers and buyers.
Amanda Fair (Sales Agent)
Cell: 082 921 7093 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
I am a strategic and lateral thinker. I believe that a plan or strategy is only useful when the required action and activities are executed in order to achieve the required end-result. Planning and organising my work and my daily activities provides me with structure so that the daily pressures are met. I am a motivated, results-driven individual with hands-on customer service and extensive property experience. I consider myself resourceful and proactive and combine effective communication skills with extensive product knowledge to identify opportunities and deliver a satisfactory outcome for both customer and company whilst working alone and as part of a larger team. I have almost a lifetime of experience in property finance both in Credit and Sales at two of our major Banks. In my opinion, making a transaction work is critical to the complete process of the buying a home. My undertaking is therefore to be involved throughout the process. My differentiating service-offering to my buyers and sellers is my professional understanding of the current market, securing finance through our collaboration with property finance experts to ensure that the sales process is successfully completed. Finding a dream home for my buyers is my ultimate goal. Their needs in terms of location, size, price, lifestyle and what will make them love their new home, is critical and important to me. My undertaking is to have a listening ear and an observing eye to help my buyers find that house that they would like to call home.
Amy van Emmenis (Sales Agent)
Cell: 083 564 3080 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
Amy van Emmenis has recently joined our team as an intern estate agent after having practiced as an attorney and conveyancer for 15 years. Amy completed her BProc in 1997 when she graduated from the University of South Africa and was admitted as an attorney in 1999 and as a conveyancer in 2003. Amy has extensive experience in both property litigation and conveyancing and we are confident that this experience together with her excellent negotiating skills will stand her and her clients in good stead
Annalien Van Rooyen (Manager)
Cell: 082 904 2695 | Tel: (012) 012 030 0209 | Email:
The real estate industry is the third industry Annalien entered and excelled in. After leaving university she taught at a high school in Johannesburg before entering the pharmaceutical industry. Here she quickly rose through the ranks and held different management positions with distinction at different leading pharmaceutical companies. Upon moving to Pretoria East the amount of travelling involved encouraged her to leave the pharmaceutical industry and to enter the world of real estate where she has been a successful agent as well as manager of offices.

She holds a BA (Ed) and MBA and as such is passionate on the one side about training and mentoring agents to excel and on the other side on the business side of real estate to ensure the financial success of an office.

She is a hard worker, leads by example, is dedicated and friendly and is totally committed to a strong work ethic and professionalism in everything she undertakes and wants to instil the same in her agents.

Favourite motto: ‘Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE. The word itself says I’M POSSIBLE’ – Audrey Hepburn!
Annette Glickman (Sales Agent)
Cell: 082 565 0779 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
Before entering the real estate industry 11 years ago Annette had a successful career in corporate sales and marketing. Annette joined Adrienne Hersch Properties in 2012. She brings with her a professional approach which has previously often been lacking in this industry. This is a huge advantage to her clients in this new economic climate. Recognizing and meeting client need is of paramount importance to her.She has a BA (Psychology) UCT and has successfully completed courses in Negotiating Skills and General Management at Wits GSB
Anthoney D.L. Bosman (Sales Agent)
Cell: 084 357 7348 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
Multiple award winning realtor Anthoney D.L. Bosman started his career in the antique, decorating and art industry but always had a passion for property, believing that owning property is a proven path to building prosperity. Not only does Anthoney have 15 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in his focus area of Westdene, Melville, Auckland Park and Brixton but he has also been a resident in the area for 20 years. Besides completing the Estate Agency Affairs Board exam, he also has CRS, PDE and the NQF4 (real estate) qualifications. Anthoney has always believed in a professional approach, in building personal relationships and being dedicated to excellent customer service and this is reflected in the fact that he becomes his clients friend and Agent of Choice when it comes to repeat business.
Ari Hersch (Brand Manager)
Cell: 082 782 7007 | Tel: (012) 012 030 0209 | Email:
Ari Hersch is currently the Brand Manager of Adrienne Hersch Properties. In this role he has a broad remit overseeing all brand initiatives, corporate marketing material and projects.

Ari has excelled in the design and architectural arena, achieving a BA in Int. Architecture from GDC in 2010, where he won numerous accolades and awards. He was selected to work in one of the leading Architectural firms in South Africa, where he excelled. He then decided it was time to get involved in the family business. Although his background is Design and Architecture, his passion consists of many factors and leadership is the key factor. Keeping within the Company’s framework is another important aspect as well as holding onto the traditions and entrepreneurial flair of the Company which is developing into a nationwide organisation.

Ari's marketing and public relations strategy is to position Adrienne Hersch Properties as South Africa’s real estate specialists and foremost real estate brand.
Avril Eliasov (Sales Agent)
Cell: 082 771 2640 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
Avril comes from a background of Finance and Administration. She has worked in various industries such as Shipping, Insurance, Fashion, Foods, Health and Beauty. Her experience included the interaction at Senior Management Levels negotiating with both Suppliers, Major Retailers and Consumers. Added to this she has vast day to day experience in respect of all aspects of business, from Procurement and Manufacturing to Sales, Marketing and Financial Administration.

Avril has a passion and drive for success. With this attitude and determination service excellence is high on her agenda. She will not give up and is rewarded by ensuring her Sellers and Buyers have a win- win experience. Avril joined Adrienne Hersch Properties to expand her career and work for a company which shares the same ethos.

Her motto “ The world belongs to the energetic”
Avrille Grainger (Sales Agent)
Cell: 084 725 2883 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
Avrille’s 15 year career in the real estate industry and her passion for property has made her a leader in sales.

She focus's on Morningside, Benmore, River Club, Sandown and the Sandton CBD areas. She has an incredible wealth of knowledge and know how that has made her a top agent.

Avrille has a natural ability to relate and dedicate herself to her clients and this has made her a fierce competitor in the industry. Customer service and professionalism is a priority. This is reflected in the repeat business and relationships she maintains with her clients during and post sale.
Barrie Sidelsky (Sales Agent)
Cell: 083 227 9440 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
Barrie Sidelsky has recently joined our team as a rental agent, covering the Morningside, Sandown and Strathavon areas. After spending her career in the advertising and marketing industry having managed blue chip accounts such as Standard Bank, Mtn, Liberty, and Edgars to name a few, Barrie is excited to bring her experience in building client relationships, negotiation skills, love of property and a whole lot more in helping a tenant in finding a place to call home as well as making the property owner feel comfortable with tenants who will live in their home.
Ben Mansano (Sales Agent)
Cell: 073 538 4403 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
Ben is an outgoing, enthusiastic and motivated individual who has recently joined the Adrienne Hersch team. He has twelve years of sales experience under his belt and has learnt excellent communication and problem solving skills throughout his time in the business world. His passion for building long lasting client relationships is how he believes he will provide his clients with the property of their dreams.

Ben is extremely excited to be a part of the booming property industry and can't wait to get going!
Beverly Wallace (Sales Agent)
Cell: 082 701 9269 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
Bev is an outgoing, enthusiastic and motivated individual who has recently joined the Adrienne Hersch team. She has twenty years of sales & customer service experience under her belt and has learnt excellent communication and problem solving skills throughout her time in the business world. Bev has a passion for building long lasting client relationships and she believes she will provide her clients with the property of their dreams.
Bradley Gogoski (Sales Agent)
Cell: 082 828 9658 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
Bradley graduated from Wits with a BA LLB and has over 20 years managerial experience heading up his own company. He decided to enter the exciting world of real estate and has never looked back. He attributes his success to being a consummate negotiator and confidently steers his deals to their successful conclusion. Bradley is dedicated, driven and respected by his clients. His professional manner ensures that trust and integrity define all of his transactions. Bradley and Janice Heyman have been business partners for many years and are a force to be reckoned with. They specialize in Fellside, Victoria, Norwood, Orchards, Gardens and Abbotsford.
Candice Andrews (Manager)
Cell: 082 578 1514 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
Candice's experience in a number of aspects of the Real Estate world spans more than 12 years. Having experience in almost every aspect of the Real Estate industry, she has a depth of knowledge and experience that few can put claim to.
This experience allows her to see a "big picture" of the business as well as appreciate how each part of the process affects others. As such, she is able to speak with authority to clients, internal staff, and give sound advice to her team around these aspects.

Previously from a major property franchise group, she has been qualified as a Mentor and Broker / Manager.

Her ability to quickly identify strengths and opportunities in an individual allows her to both quickly, and over time significantly develop the potential and performance of the agents she works with.

Her personal approach and genuine dedication to the growth of individuals as well as the team is clear from the first meeting. A creative and firm but fair management style makes working with her a dynamic and energising experience.

Candice is a passionate ambassador for the company and is proud to be a member of the Adrienne Hersch Properties Family.
Carina a’Porta (Sales Agent)
Cell: 060 885 2779 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
I have many years of work experience covering sales, administration and management in different sectors including Real Estate. Throughout my career my strongest skill has always been customer service. My passion has always been people and assisting them at every turn wherever possible. I strive to achieve excellence in all that I undertake and never quit. I am a very capable individual who enjoys meeting new people, mastering new skills and learning. I jump at the opportunity to grow as an individual in both my personal and professional capacity. I endeavour to be upfront and honest with people and I have integrity in everything I do. My promise to my client is to put them first and work hard to assist them no matter how big or small the challenge, together we can tackle any hurdle and find you the perfect home.
Caroline Heeger (Rental Agent)
Cell: 083 950 6643 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
With a passion for property and a background in marketing, Caroline decided to make a change and join the property industry over a decade ago. She joined a national brand in property sales where she enjoyed a successful career, achieving a number of accolades. She decided to further extend her knowledge of all aspects of the market taking up the challenging position of corporate residential letting in the Sandton area with Adrienne Hersch Properties some five years ago, again achieving success in this arena. Caroline’s consistent hard work and dedication make her an excellent asset to our team.
Charlene Ross (Sales Agent)
Cell: 079 060 3199 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
Charlene has a background in both the medical aid industry and then later within retail sales and administration. Her primary focus lies in Customer Service and attention to detail administration. With her previous years of experience, in handling all types of clients, Charlene found her passion for people and her vision of ensuring that her clients know that they are Number One. As a mom to two young children, Charlene has joined the Adrienne Hersch Ruimsig (West Rand) team as a professional with a passion for people and Customer Service. The process of buying and selling is home is a stressful experience, but one can rest assured that with Charlene’s energy and passion, the experience will become a friendly and even pleasantly enjoyable experience.
Cheryl Waner (Sales Agent)
Cell: 082 880 5688 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
We enjoy success in our areas because “ we go the extra mile, deliver on our promises and offer principled, expert advice.” Before joining Adrienne Hersch Properties, I qualified as a medical technologist and after my children were born I went into the catering field where I enjoyed meeting and dealing with people. I met Wendy about 12 years ago and found that we shared a similar sense of humour, a mutual interest both in property and in meeting people. We joined Adrienne Hersch Properties and became partners in the Wendywood, Gallo Manor and Morningside Manor areas, which I believe is the best kept secret in the North with their proximity to all the highways and to the hub of Sandton.
Cindy De Sousa (Rentals Agent)
Cell: 072 553 4467 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
I reflect a varied personality including, ambition and the qualities of generosity and thoughtfulness, well determined and vigorous individual, yet pleasantly calm. I am a part - time student currently completing the Bachelor's Degree programme in Clinical Psychology. Motivated by my love for learning and succeeding as I strive to become an outstanding and successful woman in society. Through my passion for people I decided to learn more by joining Adrienne Hersch Properties, setting a definite goal of becoming a professional Estate Agent to help and guide those in need. Apart from that, I've had a keen interest in Cosmetology, obtaining a few Diploma's. There is this quote I live by: Knowledge is power and nobody can take it away from you.
Cindy Wallace (Sales Agent)
Cell: 083 458 6225 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
I joined the Real Estate industry 33 years ago on the administration side and worked for 4 of the top Real Estate companies over this period. I migrated over to the rental side of Real Estate over the last 10 years and am a qualified Property Practitioner and experienced and knowledgeable in the industry. I am committed to giving good service and professionalism combined with empathy as any property transaction be it sales or a rental is generally stressful.
Colleen Lingwood (Rental Agent)
Cell: 072 388 3236 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
Having over 5 years of extensive training and experience within the Real Estate Industry, Colleen is certainly well-equipped for taking on rentals within her areas. Starting out in the industry as an assistant, Colleen quickly became passionate about real estate and rose into various management roles. Another major passion of Colleen is great client service, she does only believe that excellent service is everything, she will go the extra mile to ensure her clients have all the information they need to make valuable, life-changing decisions. Colleen is driven to ensure the upliftment of her areas and will endeavour to join and assist with many community projects.
Cornelius Johannes (Sales Agent)
Cell: 084 651 1195 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
I have recently relocated from Cape Town to Johannesburg with my family. The move is a new beginning and a new career path for me, allowing me the opportunity to follow in my passion of service and customer satisfaction. I am positive, hard - working and love setting goals and reaching them as fast as possible in a professional and ethical manner. Prior to my move from the Western Cape, I was an apprentice for a small electrical company, I am young but enthusiastic. I present myself with fresh ideas and energy. I may be new to the industry but have family members who have been in Real Estate industry for many years. I am living in Krugersdorp North and my focal sales areas will be Kenmare and Monument.
Dan Onay (Sales Agent)
Cell: 079 505 0450 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
“Helping people is my life goal, the feeling of finding someone a new home is priceless to me.”

Dan Onay emanates a confidence that can only come from vast experience and huge success. Dan has property running through his veins, which all started from a young age: “My career in property started when I was 17 years old, sitting show days and canvassing for my father in order to learn what the market had to offer. After I matriculated I joined him as an assistant and after 3 months we had the privilege of being the top sales team consistently month after month.”

After a year of apprenticeship with his father, Dan went on to join the development team at the same company, where he was involved in many different developments. “The experience I gained in the development team, in a short period of time, was life changing.”

Dan was then head hunted by a development company that was known as “The Development Kings”, where he started out at the bottom and worked his way up to sales manager 7 years later. His sales record was over 1500 homes in 10 different developments.

An excellent opportunity then opened up at Adrienne Hersch Properties and Dan joined the Houghton Team helping to increasing the overall market share to 60%.

About a year and a half later he was approached by one of the world’s leading property companies to work in Houghton Estate, Hyde Park and Sandhurst. Given that he is always up for a challenge he was very enthusiastic about taking this opportunity on. Having achieved great success and having learnt all that he could from this experience, Dan decided to make a change and return to Adrienne Hersch Properties where we are more than happy to have him on board, where he will continue to work in Houghton Estate and head up the Residential Development team.
Daniel Hersch (Legal / Sales Manager)
Cell: 082 412 7323 | Tel: (012) 012 030 0209 | Email:
At the tender age of 30, Daniel already boasts an impressive CV. Having received exemplary results at the University of the Witwatersrand, and graduating with a BA LLB in 2007. Daniel made the bold decision to undertake a career as an Advocate at the Johannesburg Bar. Despite his youthful age and inexperience, Daniel managed to pass the Bar Exams with distinction and thereafter practiced successfully as counsel for five years specializing in commercial litigation and operating out of the prestigious Group of Advocates, Group 3 Maisels Chambers.

In January 2014 and not one to sit on his laurels, Daniel decided to resign from the Bar and join the family Business occupying the roll of Legal/Sales Manager. Under the guidance and mentorship of his mother Adrienne, Daniel has embraced his new roll and is gradually becoming a force to be reckoned with in his own name.

"My dream is to see Adrienne Hersch Properties become synonymous with Real Estate in South Africa, the same way people associate cold drinks with Coke or time pieces with Rolex" says Daniel. As Adrienne Hersch Properties expands it's national footprint and with Daniel and his younger brother Ari, infusing youth, energy and innovation in an already exceptional brand this dream is quickly becoming a reality.
Dianne Guest (Manager)
Cell: 082 901 9255 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
I spent 22 years in the banking environment in Foreign Exchange, Global Business, Risk and Training. These were good years building many skills and instilling the corporate culture in me.
After I decided to leave the bank, I had a natural affiliation to the property profession. Since 2007 I have been working with various estate agencies and built a career based on integrity, honesty, perseverance and passion.
Besides qualifying as a Professional Practitioner in Real Estate (2015) and completing the necessary Estate Agency Affair Board exams (2008) and NQF level 4 (2011), I have gone through the “university of life” where every day is a new experience, challenge and personal growth opportunity.
My family and spiritual life are very important to me and I try to maintain a good balance, between that and my success as a Real Estate professional.
Selling and buying a home is one of the most stressful events a family has to go through. I would like to be the one to help you through that process by sharing my experience, professionalism and service excellence in making the transition easier.
“Peace of mind” is what all my clients deserve.
Dianne Joan Stein (Rental Agent)
Cell: 083 289 6163 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
“I am passionate about all things property and people. Combining the two in my chosen profession gives me enormous enjoyment and job satisfaction!”

My name is Dianne Stein and I have been actively working in real estate for the past 8 years and am the proud owner of multiple awards including most sales and most mandates! I have earned an excellent reputation and am loved by buyers and sellers alike!

I am proud to be working under the umbrella of Adrienne Hersch Properties.
Dianne Naidoo (Sales Agent))
Cell: 082 957 8261 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
My roles as a woman in this current journey of life define me. The mother in me is the nurturer and caregiver built on a foundation of ethics and hard work …going the extra mile, a breadwinner, the creator and maintainer of a trusting, safe and happy home environment with my own personal touch, compassionate and just… inculcating norms and values, honor and respect within reflective thinking. The worker in me is the professional operating within the ethical codes of behavior in the organization, a strategic and lateral thinker, a motivated and dedicated individual and team player always wanting to be the best I can but still aware of my learning curve. I am an employee, a friend, a colleague and a comrade. I was an educator for 32 years at public schools in the Durban area, mostly teaching Accounting and Business Studies giving my all to excellence in achievement to my learners despite their socio-economic circumstances. I was also on my own personal strategic plan of study firstly completing my diploma in teaching on a full time basis with a bursary, thereafter studying part-time and completing my B. Com, B. Ed (Hon), M.Ed. When Math Lit was offered as a school subject I applied and received a bursary to achieve an Advance Certificate of Education: Math Lit (Cum Laude). In addition, I have also done many certificate courses to be at the top of my career. Based on my need to broaden my knowledge and financial betterment I worked other lecturing and facilitation jobs on a part-time basis while studying for and achieving an Occupationally Directed Education and Training Certificate (NQF 5) with the ETDP Seta. In Feb 2015 I went on early retirement due to my decision to support my daughters’ careers. I relocated to Pretoria after being a Durbanite for 54 years. I took on the responsibility of being a home executive and care giver to my grandchildren who are now settled within a school structure. My interest in property began 30 years ago when I first bought my home for myself and my daughter while in Durban. Then another and another. Although, I have my primary property and one other now I realized I had a keen interest and passion to buy and sell property. When I applied for early retirement my plan to be in the property market was something I was looking forward to after my 2 years of committing myself to my grandchildren. I have built up my knowledge in this field through my personal experiences and successes of being a buyer, seller, lessor and an executive member of the body corporate of my residence for the 30 years, serving as secretary, treasurer and chairperson roles until handing over to a managing agent at the end of 2014. From the beginning of this year started actively engaging with my idea of a new career in property sales looking for a position as an intern. I feel so fortunate to have found this position and just thrilled to steer ahead. With all of the above combinations I am certain I will make a good sales/rental agent and look forward to my new profession.
Direshnee Bedesi (Sales Agent)
Cell: 082 784 6380 | Tel: (012) 012 030 0209 | Email:
I have been in the property business for about 6 years working at various Estate Agencies decided to stop for a few years to be at home with my kids. In February 2015, I joined the Adrienne Hersch Family, being back in the Real Estate business feels wonderful. I am a people's person with a warm friendly personality. I motivate myself to maintain a confident outlook on life and I am a firm believer in being positive no matter what the circumstances may be in that moment. My motto is simple: Be the reason someone smiles today.
Douglas Mabotse (Rentals Agent)
Cell: 082 888 7380 | Tel: (012) 012 030 0209 | Email:
I am a driven, motivated rentals agent and part-time honours student who works with Adrienne Hersch to guarantee satisfaction. I have previously completed a Bachelor of Arts in Politics at UNISA and worked in various industries throughout. Having previously spent two years in the sports coaching industry, I remain friendly, outgoing and diligent. With previous experience as a franchise manager I hope to emulate those successes in property rentals. My passion for real estate is newly found and I hope to apply the knowledge I have gained to make a success of my career at Adrienne Hersch Properties.
Elana Rahamim (Sales Agent)
Cell: 082 920 7682 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
A seasoned real estate veteran for Adrienne Hersch Properties, Elana Rahamim has been active in the Victory Park, Greenside and Emmarentia areas . Her vast knowledge of property and strong instinctive style has earned the loyalty and trust of both buyers and sellers and enables her to make quick, efficient matches on both sides. She makes it a point to be aware of available inventory at all times and has an uncanny ability for spot on pricing, attaining the highest possible price for her sellers. A reputation for honesty, integrity, discretion, innovative marketing and going the extra mile have given her a rich base of repeat customers and referrals over the years with a strong base in the creative world.

"Most people who are buying or selling homes are in the middle of big life changes. Unlike financial brokers, real estate agents deal with people’s homes, people’s hearts. We help them shape the next stages in their lives. It’s a big responsibility – one that involves a great deal of discretion and trust."
Erika Thompson (Sales Agent)
Cell: 082 929 0533 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
My passion has always been property and now I am able to pursue my passion. Before joining Adrienne Hersch Properties, I was focused in conveyancing for 25 years. The skills that I have developed over these years, working as a conveyancing paralegal at various attorneys, allows me to offer a great advantage to my clients. Having qualified in 2002 as an estate agent, l understand all aspects of a transaction, from qualifying a buyer through to registration and settlement. My skills and experience, enjoying the marketing side of the business and dealing with estate agents and clients, has all inspired me to further my career in Real Estate.
I am motivated to be THE agent of choice in my area. My objective is to build trusting relationships with my clients. Integrity and honesty is what I offer my clients and by doing so, this ensures that my clients always come back to me and feel confident enough in me to refer their friends and family to me.
Allow me to use all my knowledge and skills to enjoy success in your area because “we go the extra mile”, deliver on our promises and offer principled, expert advice!
Fiona Clucas (Sales Agent)
Cell: 083 657 0145 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
A teacher by qualification with a Psychology major fuelled my interest in people which resulted in my owning and managing my own businesses for some years.

A long standing passion for property brings me to Adrienne Hersch Properties to put to work the interpersonal and negotiation skills gained from managing and working with my own staff and customers.

Life is about people - understanding and building interpersonal relationships and delivering on expectations is paramount to personal growth and success in any industry.
Gregory Isaacman (Sales Agent)
Cell: 082 335 4167 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
I entered the property industry as a young and dynamic man and have always been passionate about realty since an early age. My dream came true in March 2000.

At Adrienne Hersch Properties I have become an experienced sale person having won many awards in the past 12 years. I have built a reputation of honesty and integrity and my hearing disability has never hindered my performance.
Helen Van Dyk (Olivedale Branch Manager)
Cell: 082 925 8017 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
With 12 year’s experience as an Executive P.A. to two of the doyens of Real Estate, as well as actually being an agent for 2 years (albeit part time), Helen has built up a successful career in real estate and has had excellent training in all aspects of client service, negotiation and market insight assisting clients to make the best decisions possible. Helen is honest, hardworking and knowledgeable about the real estate industry and has reached the top of her career in accepting the position as the Olivedale Branch Manager to motivate and bring out the best in her agents and to aspire to heights as yet not reached. Helen is a keen cyclist having completed the 94.7 cycle challenge twice, very spiritual and dedicated.
Irith Ben-Shir (Rentals Agent)
Cell: 076 512 2172 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
I am passionate about people and property. I have gained vast experience through working with a diverse range of people by virtue of owning and running my retail businesses. Retail experience has taught me a variety of skills used in management, finance, sales and customer service. Interacting with customers translates to interpersonal skills. Apart from representing Adrienne Hersch Properties, it is my own personal commitment, dedication and passion as an agent that will guarantee you in finding a suitable and qualified tenant for your home. Our mandate is to conduct thorough checks on financials, previous residence and employment to ensure we secure a suitable tenant/s.
Jandre van Wyk (Rentals Agent)
Cell: 072 596 9215 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
My name is Jandre van Wyk. I am originally form the Free state, I lived in Bloemfontein till a few months ago. When I moved to Johannesburg I was not sure about what I wanted to do but I have found my passion in real estate. I do rentals in the Edenvale area. I’m young and energetic and bring a hole lot more to the table. I really enjoy working for Adrienne Hersch Properties. I love to work with people and meeting new people. I’m a very outgoing person and easy to get to know. I always give my best in anything I do. My vision is to one day be the best agent in my area, And I will keep on working on my dream. My Motto in live is – If something comes easy it wont be worth it, if it takes time it will be worth it.

Janice Heyman (Sales Agent)
Cell: 082 330 2701 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
With an honours degree in Psychology, Janice’s networking and interpersonal skills are fine tuned. She has an ability to relate to people in all spheres of business and different walks of life. Her forte is to match the perfect house with the perfect buyer. Creative flair and a love for architecture and interior design allow her to deliver a well-rounded service to her clients. Energetic, dynamic and professional, she has all the essential ingredients of a successful estate agent. Janice and Bradley Gogoski have been business partners for many years and are a force to be reckoned with. They specialize in Fellside, Victoria, Norwood, Orchards, Gardens and Abbotsford.

Jennifer-Lee Temple (Rental Agent)
Cell: 082 337 9906 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
With my background in Textile design and extensive interaction with Interior designers as well as the private sector, and having owned and managed my own consulting and sourcing company, I understand the needs and wants of my clients and have learnt to look between the lines to fulfil their requirements.

I see working in Real Estate as an extension to my experience and am excited to be expanding and am looking forward to building new relationships.

The opportunity to assist my clients with their property needs is an honour and a privilege and the resultant perfect match of owner to property and vice versa, will most definitely satisfy my soul.
Jodi Gordon (Sales Agent)
Cell: 084 895 1862 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
Having been involved in the housing industry for 7 years since 2002 and behind the scenes for last 6 years - I AM NOW FULLY BACK IN THE GAME AGAIN - I am a COMPLETE professional in getting to know you and your personal style and taste in the housing market- I take my talent seriously and hope to create a masterpiece once I have finished finding you a perfect lifestyle and in selling your most loved assett - dealing with professionals who love what they do is what makes a happy home life in the end - I look forward to meeting you and showing you around
Joe Visser (Sales Agent)
Cell: 083 652 4040 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
Joe is an entrepreneurial spirit and has had experience in various ventures over the past 15 years. He has owned his own business in the restaurant field as well as been involved in marketing to the private sector. An opportunity to join the real estate industry a couple of years ago awakened a thirst to be The Agent of Choice in his designated selling areas. After spending time with another agency, Joe took the plunge and joined the new Ruimsig / West Rand Franchise of Adrienne Hersch Properties. He is energised and willing to go the extra mile at all times with an extremely positive and 'can do' attitude. When not spending time with his wife and daughters, Joe’s passion lies in organising and running motorcycle tours showcasing our amazing country to international guests.
Jonathan Weinberg (Sales Agent)
Cell: 072 213 1440 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
Jonathan has the desire, motivation and excellent ability to assess client requirements with his exceptional skills in communication, consideration and implementation. He will accurately guide you to a successful outcome irrespective of the extent of the challenge.

After matriculating at King David High School, Jonathan was drawn to the legal fraternity where he went on to study law at the University of the Witwatersrand. He graduated with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree and was admitted as an Attorney to the High Court. His main focus and passion for four years has been commercial and property law working alongside large multi-national corporations.

Jonathan has an extensive social and business network and is definite that the property realm is where his passions and career are. He has joined Adrienne Hersch Properties in the commercial division with an unwavering vision to drive the commercial real estate industry to its highest level whilst utilizing his extensive legal background in this area. He epitomizes integrity, energy, hard work and creative service in every detail of real estate transactions.

Laura Kirkel (Sales Agent)
Cell: 082 562 2345 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
Laura completed her schooling career at King David High School Linksfield. She went on to complete a secretarial diploma at the Johannesburg College of Education, thereafter becoming a personal Assistant for a number of years.

When her last child left school, Laura joined her husband Aubrey Kirkel at Aubrey Kirkel Estates for 7 years until his passing. Laura knew without a doubt this is the career path she wished to pursue and joined Adrienne Hersch Properties in 2001. Her area of expertise is in the Highlands North and surrounding areas.
Lauren Joan Wilmot (Sales Agent)
Cell: 084 580 7805 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
With a passion for property at a young age, I studied and qualified as an Interior Designer . Working together with top national designers and decorators for years and exploring the fields of textile designs. At the opportunity to grow my knowledge and work hand in hand with the love of people and property; I joined the exciting world of real estate in 2006 and qualified through the board exam. Years later, I have over 250 successful sales under my belt amounting to more than R190 million Rand’s in sales and have also completed the NQF 4 requirements to keep my knowledge updated. Furthermore I have done various courses including Photography and Dale Carnegie in order to give me the edge and to bring you, the client a holistic property solution.

On a more personal level, I am a proud mother of a toddler and a new-born. It is with this in mind that I understand that I not only sell real estate, I assist in finding people homes to raise their families in and secure one of their largest assets.
Lee Baker (Sales Agent)
Cell: 082 561 1894 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
I first started house sitting at Arthur Baron Estates during June 2009. I fell in love with the industry from the word go and started working as an assistant to one of their Agents during the latter half of 2009. At the beginning of 2011, I spread my wings and decided to become an Estate Agent in my own right. My experience in the Industry pertains to all aspects of the residential market and I am familiar with the administration, legal aspects as well as the ‘on the job every day” tasks. I look forward to every day and … From your point of view, I understand how stressful buying and/or selling a house can be. My aim is therefore to make the process as seamless as possible – ensuring you receive the highest possible price in the shortest possible time, with the least amount of stress. In order to achieve this - I make myself available to you and all clients 24/7. Let Me DO The Same For You!!!
Lerato Bio (Sales Agent)
Cell: 076 117 8426 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
I am a well-rounded and a self-motivated individual, who has great communication skills and am proficient in three languages. My journey in Sales began from an early age, when I sold insurance within a call centre environment . I took to the industry with the greatest ease and I thrived through the challenges. My position sustained for a delightful five years. Once I had matured enough to deal with the demands of Real Estate industry, it seemed a natural progression and since the beginning of 2011 till this day I can truly say my passion resides in sales. I have now joined Adrienne Hersch Properties Ruimsig branch and am looking forward to carrying my passion into Noordheuwel
Les Frank (Rental Agent)
Cell: 082 441 7001 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
Relish A Challenge In A Field That Gives Service To Both The Lessor & Lessee. Before joining Adrienne Hersch Properties, In my youth I once boxed professionally. I have travelled extensively where I joined large corporate companies such as T.W.A [Trans World Airlines] Olympic Airlines. I then decided to get involved in both Jewellery & Diamond sales, retail & wholesale. Being a peoples person I then decided that I had to set myself a new challenge, and decided to join the Adrienne Hersch Properties rental division where I see myself succeeding and taking my property career to another level. I speak Afrikaans and Hebrew.
Liezl Morkel(Sales Agent)
Cell: 079 509 6592 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
I have been fortunate enough to have been able to spend the past 6 years with my young children as a home executive. I have now decided to launch myself back into the business world. My previous experience in the beauty industry has made me realise that I have a passion for the arts and an appreciation for all things personal and beautiful. I believe every single property has something unique and beautiful about it. Its specialness lies in the eye of the beholder and what you as a person can see and do with it. I strive to bring a hands on customer service in finding each buyer not a house but a home. A place to create their new memories and enjoy special times with their families. To each seller, I want to give them professionalism and the knowledge that they are an individual and will be treated as such. That their home is in good hands with my thirst for learning, growing and being the Agent of Choice in the Ruimsig Country Estates and surrounding areas.
Lorraine Veco (Sales Agent)
Cell: 082 690 6873 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
Lorraine joined the Adrienne Hersch Properties team in 2005 after a successful career in marketing. Although she had not been in property before she soon showed her capabilities and has become a force to be reckoned within the industry.
Marjo Felderhof (Sales Agent)
Cell: 083 309 4671 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
I have over eight years of residential Real Estate experience and specialize in Weltevreden Park.

Buying a home or investment property doesn't have to be stressful! Even if you encounter "bumps" in the road, the process CAN be fun AND memorable!

Communication and keeping you "in the loop" while taking away the small details of worry are my goals in each and every successful transaction. I believe that there is no such thing as being "too detailed" and value every piece of communication to assist me to find your dream-home and also realise that it is not only a personal investment but an important financial one.

In selling your property, my utmost goal is to give you the marketing of a large company, while taking care of your needs through commitment and hard work, as if you were my sole client.
Maria Grieve (Sales Agent)
Cell: 072 436 7666 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
Maria Grieve is a lady with a can-do attitude, a self-starter who has an engaging sales technique. She takes the principle of client relationships very seriously, always giving her clients the 5-star service they deserve. Her marketing and selling skills have been fine-tuned from her 30 years in the medical/pharmaceutical industry. On a more personal level, as the daughter of a builder her entry into the real estate industry is a creative but natural progression. Her passion is marketing free hold properties, hence her love for The Parks – Westcliff, Saxonwold, Forest Town and Parkwood.
Marion Rosenberg (Sales Agent)
Cell: 082 488 8672 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
I have been in the industry for 13 years and have knowledge and skills that could only be acquired through years of experience. I give my clients service with a difference. Energy and enthusiasm abound. I deliver results with determination and integrity of the highest note. I’m passionate, professional, conscientious and motivated. I’m devoted to each client as if their sale is the only one I’m working on with diligent feedback. If you need to sell property irrespective of the value in any given location, you definitely need me in your corner.
Martin Strauss (Sales Agent)
Cell: 082 456 4777 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
Martin started his career in real estate during 2016 and transferred to AHP during 2017. Martin holds a B.Compt degree in accounting and has been involved in multiple industries, including construction. Martin is currently an intern agent, but believes his energetic approach to life will prove his abilities and experience in any real estate dealings. With his education and experience he will be able to provide homeowners and prospective buyers with the best professional advice. Buying a new home is a new and exciting adventure that Martin will be eager to assist his clients with!
Matlhogonolo Moabi Dibetso (Sales Agent)
Cell: 076 147 4903 | Tel: (012) 012 030 0209 | Email:
Moving house is one of the most significant events in one's family and financial life. Hence my focus is on giving great service, in order for your real estate transaction to be as smooth and painless as possible!

I started my working life in the private banking industry, and transitioned to real estate as a new career in 2014. I've been fortunate enough to find a forward thinking, creative real estate agency in Adrienne Hersch Properties.

This enables me to propel the delivery of that great service to even greater heights...
Michele du Plessis (Sales Agent)
Cell: 071 965 1895 | Tel: (012) 012 030 0209 | Email:
My clients, both sellers and buyers, are of paramount importance to me and I will guide them 100% throughout the entire sales process, and I always give 100% support and continuous feedback. I have a professional approach which has previously often been lacking in this industry. Recognizing and meeting client needs is of great importance to me.
I have a BA from the University of the Witwatersrand with African Politics and International Relations as my majors. Throughout my career in Real Estate I have done various courses and attended numerous seminars. I am continually striving to learn and keep all my knowledge updated through ongoing training courses for agents and various print media and training courses from attorneys with regards to legal updates in our industry.
I take pride in my levels of Honesty, Integrity, and Professionalism which are very important to me and I always try to ensure a positive outcome for all my clients.

I love helping people. I have a passion and drive for success. Service excellence is high on my agenda and is what I always strive for. I focus on building high trust relationships with my sellers and buyers. I never give up and am rewarded by ensuring that both my buyers and sellers have a win-win experience. I never run away from difficulties and always do my best to sort them out when they do arise on occasion. I am always prepared to go the extra mile to assist a client.
A long standing passion for property after many years with Pam Golding Properties brought me to Adrienne Hersch Properties to put to work the interpersonal and negotiation skills gained from setting up, managing, training and working with staff and agents while managing various Real Estate Agency offices in my 12 year Real Estate Career. Life is about people - understanding and building interpersonal relationships and delivering on expectations which is paramount to personal growth and success in any industry. Communication and keeping both sellers and buyers "in the loop", while taking away the small details of worry are my goals in each and every successful transaction. I believe that there is no such thing as being "too detailed." In selling your property, my utmost goal is to give you the marketing of a large company, while taking care of your needs through commitment and hard work, as if you were my sole client. I feel that the Adrienne Hersch brand and company have given me the right tools to succeed.
I am always aspiring to greater heights for all. I am always motivated and determined.
Adrienne Hersch herself has a 100% hands-on approach which is why I joined her company in July 2013 when I decided to go from Management back to being a Real Estate Agent. I love Adrienne’s energy and Adrienne is always there to assist the agents within the company even during sales negotiations.

"The company has a definitive hallmark which people who know us describe as savvy, street smart, passionate and single-minded. It is this combination of experience, hard work and expertise that has seen the company evolve from start-up to a success story because we are serious about making realty a service-driven industry. As a marketing and sales-driven organisation, we understand that it is only through building relationships and delivering on people’s dreams that we can continue being successful.” Adrienne Hersch.
I believe in giving the best service beyond Expectations to my clients. It is only through building relationships and delivering on people’s dreams that we can continue to be successful!
Michele Fenner (Rental Agent)
Cell: 063 779 2544 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
As a newbie to Real Estate I feel honoured to join the Adrienne Hersch Ruimsig team.
I come from a Banking Insurance background with one of the leaders in the banking industry. I have experience in home loans insurance, all aspects of credit life claims, funeral insurance, SAP business consulting and admin experience in mining.

Over the years I have obtained various qualifications and attended courses in – Certificate of Proficiency in Insurance levels 1, 2 and 3, Money Laundering and FAIS, Internal banking systems (Orion and SAP), NQF 4 Banking Insurance, personal development and customer service. (to name but a few)

In my experience the best quality to have in this profession is Top Notch Customer Care. All clients (both buyers and sellers) are esteemed clients and need to be treated as such. I will go the extra mile to match you to your dream home or to assist you in the selling of your current home. After all, your home is one of your biggest investments.

Should you not receive only the best assistance in this experience?
Mnotho Nkomo (Sales Agent)
Cell: 079 744 4962 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
One word to describe me by is “Entrepreneur “. I was born in Soweto, but from a very early age I became very nomadic, living in most provinces in SA. This helped me a great deal in understanding people of different backgrounds. Understanding people is key in Real Estate. We deal with people; not with houses!
Morgan Dhlamini (Sales Agent)
Cell: 061 480 6431 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
I am passionate about Customer Service. Buying a house is one of the most important and emotional investments a person can make and it requires a dedicated real sales agent and agency to guide and place the interests of the client at the highest level possible. Having spent 20 years in the commercial and retail customer facing environments I understand the importance of customers and how to manage that relationship. My first introduction to real estate was when I ran my own business that provided a house sitter service. During that period, I got to understand how important every potential buyer is as they become sellers tomorrow. I aim to make your journey while searching for that important property a pleasant, informative and fun one. Being part of Adrienne Hersch Properties brand provides me with all the necessary support I need to help you and make your experience a pleasant one.
Neerasha Dixon (Rentals Agent)
Cell: 071 348 4728 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
I have always been passionate about property and I have decided to pursue my dream. For me being in the property industry is about making a difference and touching lives. Real Estate is the art of becoming a valuable advisor not a sales person. Its helping people to find a home. I am motivated, results-driven individual with hands-on customer service experience and love working with people. I consider myself proactive and combine effective communication skills and my experience to identify opportunities and deliver a satisfactory outcome for both customer and company whilst working alone and as part of a larger team.
"Your greatness and success is not what you have, it's what you give"
Neville Heeger (Rental Agent)
Cell: 083 269 8642 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
Following a career in sales of various commodities over 40 years and negotiating at all levels including running a retail business for 12 years.

I joined Adrienne Hersch Properties in some 7 years ago and natuarlly gravitated to rentals of prime properties in the Sandton area. Finding homes for captains of industry and high profile sports personalities notably ex Bafana Bafana coach Carlos Parreira when he was coaching our soccer team for the Soccer World cup.
Nobantu Mothibi (Sales Agent)
Cell: 082 254 1740 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
With an entrepreneurial flair and a spirit that thrives on challenges, I believe anything is possible. With over 10 years’ experience in Human Resources I have gained valuable experience in working With people, for people. Over this time I have attained a National Diploma in Management Services and a Postgraduate in Management Development Program through the Unisa School of Business Leadership (SBL). My keys to Real Estate are to know the industry, know my product and more importantly ... Take Care of my clients by adding value to their buying/selling experience. My motto in life is to choose to be optimistic and positive every day, for life is too short for anything else. It is exciting to be a member of Adrienne Hersch Properties.
Nokuthula Radebe (Sales Agent)
Cell: 084 880 2722 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
"Nokuthula started her Real Estate career with Adrienne Hersch Properties in 2014.

She has an extensive background in customer service - she has worked in the retail industry (sales & marketing), run her own small business (outsourcing affordable tech. devices) and in the television industry as a prime time technology and travel show host on the national broadcaster.

Nokuthula is passionate about people and providing unbeatable customer service."
Patricia Moasa (Sales Agent)
Cell: 063 462 2202 | Tel: (012) 012 030 0209 | Email:
Patricia has a National Diploma in Analytical Chemistry obtained from the University of Johannesburg and is currently busy with an MBA through Regent Business School. After completing her Chemistry diploma, Patricia spent many years in the laboratories of pharmaceutical companies. However, being driven by a desire for independence and because of socio-economic issues, Patricia entered the sales arena and recently decided to embark on a real estate career.
While growing up, Patricia wanted to become a doctor but as maturity and reality caught up with her, she realised that a good life is important but that it has to be paralleled with necessity. Assisting someone to own their own property is the biggest achievement and gift she can give anyone and this is what she wants to be a part of.
Patricia is honoured to be part of the Adrienne Hersch family!
Pearl Schaverien (Sales Agent)
Cell: 082 788 0185 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
I had run a jewellery business for several years, gold and silver imported from Italy, I dealt with both shops and importers.

I had been involved in a building company for 10 years where I had the opportunity in dealing with architects, engineers as well as top interior designers such as Steven Rich, Brian Leeb and many more. I have a qualification in Interior design which is a benefit to my property career.

I recently joined Adrienne Hersch Properties to start a career in this competitive industry and I felt that the brand and company has given me that edge.
Rhulani Chuma (Sales Agent)
Cell: 076 720 9350 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
There are two main reasons for making use of my excellent level of service as an agent from Adrienne Hersch Properties: I have built my good reputation on hard work and honesty where you as my client will receive quality and professional service at all times My main objective is to constantly and consistently satisfy all of your, my valuable client’s, property needs, putting your needs before mine. So, whether you have a big or small, expensive or affordable home, let me help you to sell or rent it out!
Rose Michaels (Sales Agent)
Cell: 083 601 8107 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
Rose Michaels has been involved in property for the last 30 years encompassing residential, commercial, industrial, and retail property broking having gained a lot of experience over the years. I believe it is very important to be enthusiastic, hardworking, and honest and have integrity in everything that I do.
Rosinah Setati (Sales Agent)
Cell: 072 340 7905 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
I spent the last 8 years in a financial institution as a financial advisor. I hold a RE qualification, which is a regulatory exam certificate, and hold 120 FAIS credits. My passion has always been property and now I am able to pursue my passion with the training, support and encouragement of Adrienne Hersch Properties. Selling and buying a home is a highly stressful process that a family has to go through and with my almost a lifetime of experience in sales and working with clients I would like to be there to help you through that process, by sharing my experience, professionalism, excellent service and honesty always. My objectives are to build a good relationship with my buyers and sellers to get good referrals in future and in this way to become a successful real estate agent.
Ryan Sidwell (Rentals Agent)
Cell: 0072 821 0181 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
"Young, vibrant and brings fresh ideas"
Ryan furthered his education by studying for a Bcom Marketing Degree at the University of Johannesburg, he worked as a business consultant where he developed his passion for property linking it with his experience in the sales and marketing background. Ryan believes strongly in customer service and will go the extra mile to ensure that his customers are dealt with effectively and that trust and commitment are prioritised throughout this life changing collaborative relationship. Ryan is young, vibrant and brings fresh ideas to the property industry continuously growing and ready to learn with his customers.
Saajida Ellahi (Rental Agent)
Cell: 072 340 7905 / 084 368 7163 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
I am what you would call a newbie in the property market, however my 9 years of experience selling timeshares rentals stands me in good stead and has lead me to where I am now. I hope to broaden my horizons in all facets of real estate and I am really looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Adrienne Hersch Properties.
Shelley Rohland (Sales Agent)
Cell: 082 363 6383 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
Premium service and a determined and authentic approach coupled with the refined marketing and sophisticated resources of the acclaimed Adrienne Hersch Group give clients the distinct advantages required in today’s highly competitive property market. With a keen eye,love of architecture,interiors and gardens,and a deep appreciation of all things ‘home’, Shelley can be found pottering there when not wearing the hat of a dedicated real estate professional.
Simeon Kekana (Sales Agent)
Cell: 082 048 6647 | Tel: (012) 012 030 0209 | Email:
I have spent the greater part of my working life in the communication industry as a journalist in both the print and broadcast media. After a period spanning over thirty years, I decided I needed to venture into something totally different.

Selling houses was my first consideration. Buying a property is one of the most important investments an individual makes in his or hers lifetime. Therefore it is essential that potential buyers be provided with relevant information to enable them to make informed decisions. I was actually inspired by success stories of leading figures in the property industry who started small and reached the peak of their careers through hard work.

Hence when I left the craft that I had practised for years, I made sure that I joined a reputable agency that can give me the right tools and skills so therefore I joined Adrienne Hersch Properties. And I have haven’t looked back.

I have discovered that in property each day heralds a new beginning. There is always something new to learn. Precisely because client’s needs are different. But it is helping others to find the home of their dreams that really gets me going. I can definitely say that I am a results driven person.
Snowy Mattera (Sales Agent)
Cell: 072 200 7704 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
I started my professional career working for a leading bank in SA for 15 years; culminating in specializing in Foreign Exchange and Training. In 1997 my family moved to Singapore for a 4 year work opportunity. During my stay in Singapore I had studied Diplomas in Tourism and on my return home I became a professional Tourist Guide & Tour Operator. Through tourism I consequently had opportunities to do Event Management & Prince 2 project management in Holland, Foreign Language courses and NQF 7 Business studies at WITS Business school.
The memory of searching for and buying my first home 20 years ago remains vivid and the experience of searching for a home in a foreign country moved me in many ways. Through tourism, I discovered my passion for hosting and assisting expatriates to settle in a new country, understanding cultures, history and social interaction.
I started my first course in Real Estate in 2013 inspired by the very diplomats & expatriates I assisted and joined Adrienne Hersch Properties in Dec 2015.
I understand the stress and emotions attached to a big move. I dedicate my diverse life and work experience to making your Real Estate experience as seamless as possible.
Sue Taylor (Sales Agent)
Cell: 083 628 4499 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
I have been in property for over 40 years. Firstly gaining experience working for a building Society and Estate Agency. I joined Cavendish Estates as a broker and Director and developed my communication and management skills. Five years later my team and I joined Bryanston Estates where I was appointed a Director and awarded two separate trips to USA. My passion for selling, the satisfaction of matching buyers and sellers, drove me to join Leigh Properties where I was able to devote most of my time to selling although I was the Sales Manager and trained new agents. I was one of the first estate agents to become a member of the Million Rand Club and since then I have achieved Platinum and most years have received high recognition awards. During my time in property I have been selling mainly in Rivonia, Bryanston and surrounding areas and most of my sales come from referrals and repeat sales. I feel privileged to be a member of the Adrienne Hersch Properties team.
Tania Fourie (Sales Agent)
Cell: 082 331 6948 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
I started my journey in property 8 years ago in Northriding and surrounding areas. My passion for people was one of my motivations, and the freedom of running my own business within a business, I found very appealing and my passion has lead me directly to my purpose. Therefore, what started out as a job initially has now become my passion! One of the things I have enjoyed most is finding the right home for the 1000’s of clients over the years, and seeing the expressions of joy and satisfaction when they walk into their ideal home. Property has definitely taught me that it’s about the people and building a relationship of trust. I am proud to say that exceptional service has always been the cornerstone of my business, and my clients coming back to me time and time again is a testimony to that. Judith joined me 6 years ago, and since then our business has gone from strength to strength. I am pleased to announce that we have joined Adrienne Hersch Properties, a dynamic company which has a 21 year track record, and are progressive in their thinking and committed to world class service. We are very excited to be associated with such a strong brand. We look forward to serving you at our new premises in All Saints Centre.
Terry Sack (Sales Agent)
Cell: 083 607 4533 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
Having had vast experience in the IT Industry , focusing on high standard of customer relationships, solution sales along with service level agreements. Terry built and developed his customer relations, negotiation skills dealing with small, medium and large enterprise business.

Terry has used these skills in the real estate business, developing a sound approach to the sale and negotiating of transactions to enormous benefit and fair closing practice for both the seller and buyer alike.
Thulani Benitsius (Rental Agent)
Cell: 071 719 2810 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
After a considerable journey in different industries such a finance, telecommunications, media, retail, etc. – I managed to unearth the Entrepreneurial spirit within me that kept me unsettled within myself when I operated within spaces that limited me.
However with all qualities that I learned within my career cycle and the great ones that already existed, there will be no grater place but to be part of an entrepreneur who defined entrepreneurship such as Adrienne Hersch’s strides and passion. As this will be an added value that will afford me an opportunity to exercise my expertise to do what I do best which is allowing my entrepreneurial adrenaline to kick in and to be a perfect leverage of those who will be keen to make a difference in Property Business.
During my entrepreneurial journey; I learned that is not the product/service that really make a difference it’s the responsive to provide a need when there is problem/challenge – to sum it up it’s a Rapport.
I bring across a cutting –edge characteristic and qualities to complement, uphold the company’s brand reputation and the core of the business which is customer satisfaction in ensuring that I secure a best suitable, affordable and home comfort.
I hold a diploma in Business Management that encompasses Entrepreneurship, Sales, Marketing, etc.
Motto: “Entrepreneurship is not some form of science or art is merely a continuous practice” – Thulani Benitsius 2016
Area of focus for now: Melville, Westdene, Brixton, Sophia town, Mayfair, Mayfair West and surrounding areas
Tina De Beer (Sales Agent)
Cell: 079 299 5991 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
Although I may be new in the real estate business, I believe I'm exactly what you're looking for to make your next transaction a smooth and pleasant one. Buying or selling a house is not only a business investment but a personal one as it can be a life changing experience. I'll walk this journey with you . Finding you the perfect house to call home and supporting you every step of the way. My maturity, eagerness and passion for people are assets I'm proud of. My experience in the restaurant industry has giving me a sense of understanding of what people need. I'm your new Adrienne Hersch agent in Wilro park and I'm here to earn your business.
Tsholofelo Kungwane (Rentals Agent)
Cell: 076 888 7859 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
When problem arises in believe in solving the problem as quick as possible through basic principles that allow for a customer centric approach. I have been an entrepreneur for the passed seven in the property, consulting and manufacturing Where I won numerous respective industry awards, profiled on various radio stations and television shows I graduated from the university of South Africa with BCom(Economics and management) and I later took short Sales and project management. My entrepreneurial journey has taught me that it is not what you know that matters most but what you can do with what you know that matters most. Joining Adrienne Hersch marks an incredible milestone in my career where I can will exercise my sweet personality, my goal driven approach and numerous skills I have gathered over time.
Ursula Matodzi (Sales Agent)
Cell: 076 503 2669 | Tel: (012) 012 030 0209 | Email:
Passionate is the one word that sums me up. I am a young energetic mother to a beautiful little girl.

Entrepreneurial & driven, I thrive on excellence.

I started my real estate journey with Adrienne Hersch properties in 2014.

Working in Centurion & specializing in sectional and full title properties.
Wandi Sili (Sales Agent)
Cell: 072 879 5126 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
I have worked in customer service oriented environments in my entire career and my experience in customer service spans over 10 years, namely; retail, car manufactured and car rental.
My approach to sales is to put my customers’ needs first with each and every sale. Buying a home is an emotional experience and my aim is to make it a pleasant journey always, by putting my clients first.
My goal is to have a big footprint in Douglasdale and make Adrienne Hersch Properties the go-to agency for all your property needs.
Wendy Michelow (Sales Agent)
Cell: 083 447 7862 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
Before joining AHP I qualified as a pre-primary school teacher. After my children were born I went into the market research field where I enjoyed meeting and dealing with people.

I met Cheryl about 12 years ago and found that we shared a similar sense of humour, a mutual interest both in property and in meeting people. We became partners in the Wendywood, Gallo Manor and Morningside Manor areas, which I believe is the best kept secret in the North with their proximity to all the highways and to the hub of Sandton.

We enjoy success in our areas because “ we go the extra mile, deliver on our promises and offer principled, expert advice.”
Yehudis Menucha (Rental Agent)
Cell: 081 011 0671 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
My career has been advertising and marketing for 25 years. I started my own Signage company 20 years ago, specialising in Corporate Retail brands. This continues with success.

However, my passion was always property, designing, renovating and building. Now I am able to pursue my passion, since joining Adrienne Hersch Properties.

My skills learned over the years are being used to the full in that I am able to do the marketing of your property (advertising and marketing experience). Going through a property I have the knowledge of design and renovation from building and project managing several homes myself.

Listening to client and buyers needs and satisfying their requirements is enhanced by my many years of dealing with Corporate Clients and taking briefs to design what they envisaged, and producing the end result in lights!!!

Allow me to use all my knowledge and skills to take your brief and give you the desired results.
Zal Goldberg (Sales Agent)
Cell: 084 710 6462 | Tel: 011 728 7013 | Email:
Zal has been in the industry for over 18 years and has a vast knowledge of all matters relating to Real Estate. Having always been in the Service Industry, Zal has a passion for working with people and takes pride in being of service to both her buyers and sellers. Her love for what she does as well as her warm and caring personality, allows her to build relationships with her clients which last far beyond just “signing the deal”. Highly skilled in negotiating, Zal ensures that she always achieves top prices in the area with customer service and professionalism being a priority!