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Santa Reynolds

Santa Reynolds


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Knowledge is Power and I believe my experience of valuations in the residential and commercial property market as well as an interest in houses and architecture, gives me an advantage in the real estate industry. . Owning my own retail business for more than 10 years is a testimony that I am self motivated, driven and work with a smart problem solving mindset, ready to come up with creative ways to solve any obstacle that might arise. I am confident in my ability to engage with my clients with a positive attitude, attentiveness to each individual clients' needs and developing an ongoing relationship. . A remarkable trait of being a real estate agent is to pursue each lead with tenacity and vigor.  My aim is to aggressively market each clients' property, work smart and do whatever is necessary to close the deal with both a satisfied seller and buyer, doing this with honesty and integrity to ensure a partnership for life. .   . . . .