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Pitsi Setoaba

Pitsi Setoaba


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. . Here is my little biography: I am a father of 2 amazing children( My number one answer to the question WHY). I have have a Diploma in Electrical engineering Light current and Certificate in Project Management. From day one I have always wanted to do something that will not only benefit me but serve those in need of my services. My Diploma led me to working in the world of broadcast as a Satellite broadcast engineer with companies like Super sport, SABC, ENCA and NewzRoomAfrika on live productions. This required me to be very alert in what I do and to also understand the needs of the team I was working with. Everything I did was a project that needed planning, seeing the production through until its closing, hence being on point, on time, focused, never missing the window of oportunity and fully being engaged in what I do was important. I always wanted to help and serve. This is why I understand that selling or buying of a property requires commitment by the buyer, seller and