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Percy Marsh


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A peek into my background, so that you have the advantage of knowing a bit about the person who hopes to be of service to you.  . Before I decided to pursue my passion for real estate, I spent most of my career life in Information Technology, spending my last sixteen years as a programmer for the local national airline.  . Technology, especially programming, has given me one skill I have found to be of absolute importance in how I approach everything in life: To make sure that my “I’s” are dotted and my “T’s” are crossed.  In programming, a small thing as a missing comma, hyphen or full stop can cause the entire system to crash, or prevent the program developed from working.  So going through each detail with a fine toothed comb has become second nature to me. And I plan to use this skill to your advantage, whether it be by helping to buy a new home, or finding a buyer for your home in the shortest possible time.  I will check every detail with that same fine toothed comb to make