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Patricia Mzamo

Patricia Mzamo


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Short Description about Patricia Mzamo: Patricia Mzamo services consist of providing buyers and sellers with proffessional real estate input regarding the process of buying & selling properties.Patricia Mzamo previously worked for a property development company and there after she moved into a financial sector.Although she was fulfilling her duties in a financial sector she never gave up on her passion for properties. Being a true and ambitios hustler she then managed to be part of Keller Williams , an international brand which is also the largerst real estate company in the world.Here are 5 reasons you will need Patricia as your agent: She is passionate about her job. She is extremely loyal & trustworthy. She is honest and wish to work with honest people. She is a good listener. Lastly,she always deliver to the best of her abilities and take pride in her work.