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Maria Grieve

Maria Grieve


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Meet Maria Grieve - The Agent of Choice in Northcliff -Fairland . “ I deal with buyers and sellers in the property market in exactly the same way I dealt with medical professionals working in the pharmaceutical industry for 30 years - with knowledge, respect and professionalism.  At the end of the day it's all about trust,integrity as well as forming long-lasting relationships.” . Maria Grieve is a lady with a can-do attitude, a self-starter, who has an engaging sales technique. She is well-known in the industry for her consistent professionalism and her focus on providing personalized service to each client. She always strives to give them the 5-star service they deserve.  Buyers and sellers alike will love Maria’s savvy negotiating skills, as well as personalized attention and care throughout each and every transaction, from start to finish! 2022729414