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Maja Foster

Maja Foster


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A little bit about Maja Foster When entrusting someone with your most valuable asset, your home or an investment property, along with all the hopes and dreams or financial aspirations that you lovingly poured into it, you most certainly want to know a little more about that "someone". My name is Maja (yup, like Maja The Bee). I have always had a passion for property. I bought my first investment property in 1999. I was 25 years old. I had just finished my degree in Fashion Design and discovered that with a salary I could start paving a way to my financial freedom, by investing in real-estate. Within 5 years I bought another 13 properties. I managed my own properties, dealing with tenants, managing agents and body corporates and when a property did not fulfill the criteria of my investment portfolio, I sold it. I also bought my dream home, where I had lovingly poured my heart and sould into. There is a MASSIVE difference between your home and an investment property. I understand