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Lori Laranjeira

Lori Laranjeira


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A member of a TEAM that works for YOU!     Lori is a member of a team of fantastic Property Practitioners (Agents), Mortgage Originators, Money Transfer Companies, Bridging Finance Companies, Certificates of Compliance Companies, & of course a team of Legal Eagles, Attorneys! All on call willing to assist you as a Seller, Buyer, Investor, Developer, Lessor, Lessee, anything property related, anywhere in South Africa and THEY all understands everything YOU as a buyer and seller go through. Lori strives to give YOU her full attention, commitment & integrity. She will not give you false hopes when it comes to your own journey through the selling and or buying process. Lori has 3 children & a gorgeous Grandson, she is also an animal lover and believes all children, including fur babies deserve a life filled with unconditional love.    Keller Williams Belief System: WI4C2TS Win-Win: or no deal Integrity: do the right thing Customers: