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Loren Kramer

Loren Kramer


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Loren Kramer’s life philosophy: “Take risks in your life - if you win, you can lead; if you lose you can guide.” (Swami Vivekananda). Loren has a background in Town & Regional Planning and has been active in the Development sector for 20+ years. Uniquely equipped with experience in both the Public & Private sectors, Loren began her Development career within Local Government. Having worked across all three spheres of Government: National, Provincial & Local for about 12yrs, Loren possess a solid understanding of how Government bylaws, policies & development agendas work within the Built environment. During her exposure in the Public sector she worked on cross-functional projects funded by Government, including Infrastructure development, Water & Sanitation, Housing, Local Economic Development & Finance. Loren then decided to broaden her skillset by exploring the Private sector,  joining the development executive teams of multi-billion dollar organisations such as McDonald’s South