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Lilo Tanneback

Lilo Tanneback


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Through the looking glass.this world around us being the only one is an illusion, although a remarkably persistent one. Bringing our dreams closer to reality becomes the Keller Williams way home.go for it..and when you finally find a property you really like, never let it go! . Wealth is neither earned nor won. Wealth is created. How is wealth created? - By adding value. Ok, so you're probably thinking: 'that's great, Lilo, but you are in real estate. How can I as a property professional create value for the clients I serve? . As property professionals, we are involved in the largest investment of most people's lives. Yet, I didn't build the house. I didn't deliver the lumber to the home site. I don't offer a product. However, I do offer a valuable service that has the power to affect families for generations. What value do I provide? At the core, it is about matching the right homebuyer with the right home seller, and facilitating a successful transaction. . I add value to this