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Jan Le Roux


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I have been involved with the property market since 2002.  My career started with Frannie Real Estate under the competent leadership of Frannie Ferreira. This was a very busy time in real estate and properties sold within a week or two after it was listed.  My wife Belinda, also a qualified agent helped me with. showhouses and doing traffic control as a long line of potential buyers used to line up during show hours. . Eventually I went on my own and was the Principal of J H Le Roux properties, which initially did very well.  As with anything in life it was not always a smooth ride. as the lending authorities started toughening their loan criteria and the economy took a turn for the worse.  After a while I joined the military reserve and did duty on the South African border with me effectively not being involved with the property market. . After my return from the military I realised that I was still passionate about the property market, and wanted to make a success as I had