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Gail Chihanga

Gail Chihanga


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My name is Gail Chihanga.    I did my primary and high school excelled and went to college where I did secretarial and Accounting.  I worked for  the Government  at deeds office for four years married and moved to Adelaide Australia where I decided to study  Travel and Tourism that I had fallen in love with Immediately after  my studies I got employed by a very big company Skyline Travel where I used  to  get a chance to travel meet and interact with a lots of people.  After 2 years at Skyline we decided to leave Australia for home from home we moved to Gaborone Botswana where my husband worked at the ministry of health as head of malaria department.  I joined TPN Consultancy for 3 years then left and opened a carpet cleaning company and employed twenty two people and I was doing the marketing .  My husband decided we relocate to South Africa for our children enrolment at SA universities.   I followed a year later and decide to enroll in Bachelors in Marketing  with Open University