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Gabi Abolnik

Gabi Abolnik


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I would like to give you some insight as to what I am all about. Long before I finished school, I knew I was going to follow in the footsteps of my father and family, who are property owners.Whilst I was still studying, I assisted in the property management side for their various portfolios. I commenced my career in property, as a personal assistant in the rental department, which escalated into a new position in the renting of commerial property, not too long after that i had the opportunity to move over to a position in the corporate world at JHI properties, entailing the placement of National and Franchises in the development of new shopping centers etc. After my son was born, I left the corporate world to spend some quality time with him. I then returned to the property industry, choosing the residential side, when I joined Pam Golding Properties. I have remained in residential property ever since.   Each and everyone of my future clientele will find me to be