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Candice Andrews

Candice Andrews


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Candice's experience in a number of aspects of the Real Estate world spans since the early 2000's. Having experience in almost every aspect of the Real Estate industry, she has a depth of knowledge and experience that few can put claim to. This experience allows her to see a "big picture" of the business as well as appreciate how each part of the process affects others. As such, she is able to speak with authority to clients, internal staff, and give sound advice to her team around these aspects. Previously from a major property franchise group, she has been qualified as a Mentor and Broker / Manager. Her ability to quickly identify strengths and opportunities in an individual allows her to both quickly, and over time significantly develop the potential and performance of the agents she works with. Her personal approach and genuine dedication to the growth of individuals as well as the team is clear from the first meeting. A creative and firm but fair management style makes working