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Barry Smit


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Starting in the property market in 2004 from an early age, I fell in love with the property market firstly a show house agent and then moving on to become a full-time agent. It is the one place where everyone stands equal as buying your first or second or umpteenth house/investment property/business, it will most probably be one of your most valuable and expensive assets carrying the hope of future growth and income. It is here where I put the client first and say: “You can trust me”, “I can help you” and “I do care about you”. I welcome anyone from to make use of my services and tap my knowledge as I believe that any contact between two or more people carries the potential of becoming both a professional and personal friendship. It is between people that our values (and our property values due to expansion) grows. Keller Williams Realty is my greatest advancement as from now on no matter where in the world my past, current and future clients need only one agent for their property